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Overview. Blaziken can potentially be a dangerous sweeper with the combination of Speed Boost and Swords Dance. This is due to its great output with a combination of strong STAB moves, Life Orb, and a solid base 120 Attack stat. Additionally, Blaziken pairs very well with other physical attackers, such as Primal Groudon and Mega Salamence, since they can break down each other's checks and. Generally speaking, Blaziken should not be a team's first choice of Mega Evolution; however, since Mega Blaziken possesses a physical damage output comparable to Life Orb Blaziken with a 20-point increase in base Speed, it does still have a niche. Low Kick is typically the superior Fighting-type STAB move, as it has a high Base Power against common targets such as Mega Kangaskhan and Heatran.

Finally, Blaziken has a strong Mega Evolution that allows it to outspeed key threats after one Speed Boost, such as Choice Scarf Tapu Lele. While it may reach an impressive Speed after a few boosts, its base stat is rather disappointing without Mega Evolving, leaving it outsped by most Choice Scarf users and fast Pokemon such as Tapu Koko and Pheromosa at +1 if running a neutral nature Mega Blaziken also suffers against bulky Water- and Ground-types like Tapu Fini, Mega Gyarados, Landorus-T, Garchomp, and Zygarde-C because they can survive Mega Blaziken's attacks and OHKO it with their super effective moves. Mega Blaziken has to rely on Protect to get a Speed boost View strategies and more for Blaziken on the Smogon Strategy Pokedex Blaziken is a threat to many teams due the diverse ways in which it can sweep. Fire is an excellent attacking type against physical walls, while Fighting hits all common special walls super effectively, and Blaziken has the stats to go either route

Mega-Blaziken . A partir de la sexta generación y sólo durante los combates, Blaziken puede megaevolucionar a Mega-Blaziken gracias a la blazikenita.En este estado, Mega-Blaziken aumenta su estadística de ataque y su habilidad pasa a ser impulso.. Los cambios físicos que experimenta Mega-Blaziken son unas largas llamaradas saliendo de sus muñecas These traits combine to make Blaziken nearly impossible to wall, enabling it to rip through most of the metagame with its powerful hits. Although it is frail and its STAB moves have unappealing side effects—Flare Blitz causes huge amounts of recoil damage, and Low Kick has varying base power—Blaziken is still a massive threat that needs to be considered when making a team Tanto Blaziken como Mega Blaziken pertenecen a la Tier Uber en Smogon. Débil a: x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 Resistente a: x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 x 1/2 Muy Resistente a: La diferencia es que si queremos a Mega Blaziken estamos obligados a equiparle la Blazikenita porque si no, no podremos usar a Mega Blaziken lógicamente Likewise, Mega Blaziken's ears appear similar to those in a pre-alpha sketch of Torchic. Mega Blaziken is the only Mega Evolution officially introduced in Pokémon X and Y that is not native to Kalos. Mega Blaziken is tied with Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan for the highest base Attack of all non-legendary Fire-type Pokémon. Origi

Blaziken tiene unas piernas tan fuertes que puede saltar por encima de un edificio de 30 pisos con facilidad. Además, da unos puñetazos fulminantes que dejan al oponente chamuscado y lleno de tizne Un set de Sweeper Physique Swords Dancer ( Pokémon offensif sur le plan physique qui utilise l'attaque Danse-Lames qui augmente de deux crans son attaque ) qui sied parfaitement à Méga-Braségali. Boutefeu est son premier STAB qui est puissant et qui fera de très bons dégâts, surtout une fois une Danse-Lames placée. Pied Voltige est son deuxième STAB qui fera également de très bons. However, Blaziken works best with sun support, as it can wreak havoc with its sun-boosted Fire-type STAB. With weather teams being so common in this metagame, Blaziken's dual STABs allow it to hit hail and sandstorm starters as well as bulky Steel-types, such as Bronzong and Metagross, for super effective damage, paving the way for its teammates to set up weather of their own and sweep Mega Blaziken: 20% Se tiers de smogon el metagame de fans mas famoso entre los usuarios del competitivo de pokemon Gerard17 1903 Hace 5 años 9 @Martin89. Mostrar cita Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting type Pokémon introduced in Generation 3.It is known as the Blaze Pokémon.. Blaziken has a Mega Evolution, available from X & Y onwards

Today's Pokemon Spotlight is Mega Blaziken! Hope you guys enjoy this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon! Showdown live! Feel free to leave teams on my smogon profile with the next Pokemon in the list Blaziken information in Pixelmon Generations. Biome Time Location Chance Savanna: Dawn: Land: 0.026% Savanna: Day: Land: 0.026% Savann Mega-Blaziken 6-0. Mega-Blaziken on fire. Riesgoso,pero fatal. Blaziken lo hace de nuevo (Todas las repeticiones son mías y los dejo usarlas siempre y cuando me avisen) Y eso fue todo espero que les haya servido y ¡Adiós Welcome to another suspect test from smogon, this time being in the 1v1 metagame! I talk a little bit about the 3 Pokemon and why they should/should not be b..

  1. This is Why You SHOULD Use Blaziken In Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon My Smogon page This is WHY You Use Mega Blastoise In Pokemon - Duration:.
  2. alia. Su primera aparición fue en el EP805, en el aeropuerto de Ciudad Lumiose/Lu
  3. Smogon are hypocrites about their policy (aka why Blaze Blaziken should be unbanned) Competitive Pokémo
  4. Pokémon Rubí Omega / Zafiro Alfa en 3DJuegos: No quiero saber que mega es mejor sino que pokemon debería ponerle la megapiedra. Tengo un blaziken y un Sceptile en el mismo team, a quien le.
  5. Mega Blaziken has a lot of high Base Power moves and can reliable KO on most neutral hits. Blaziken generally only has one moveset, but it doesn't care because of those awesome stats
  6. 252+ Atk Mega Blaziken Flare Blitz vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Hippowdon: 162-192 (38.5 - 45.7%) Pues de momento el set standard y uno baton passer. El set mixto ya veremos (puedes postearlo si quieres de todas maneras). EDIT: Otro detalle: 252+ SpA Fairy Aura Xerneas Moonblast vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Mega Blaziken: 274-324 (91 - 107.6%
  7. By the way I forgot to edit out the music at the end so the vid is longer than what it should be, sorry o.o Can't wait for more moves to be released on the new Pokemon :D My main channel: www.

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Best Battle Tree Team Strategy Guide - Win Battles EASY - Pokemon Sun and Moon | Austin John Plays - Duration: 24:40. Austin John Plays 813,506 view Blaziken has 120 and 110 base Attack and Sp.Attack. It has Brave bird, Flare blitz, Bulk up,Blaze kick and Stone Edge. While Manecteic has a good Sp.Attack and Speed and some good special move like Overheat, Volt Switch, But I would prefer to use Mega Blaziken. However, Mega Blaziken isn't much bulky, so you may get killed by priority attacker Mega Lucario e Mega Blaziken. 573 likes. Dois pokemons mega super fucking forte Re:por que blaziken es uber (sin mega) « Respuesta #3 en: 14 de Julio de 2015, 03:26:32 pm » Vale, la prioridad le mata, eso está claro, pero eso no quita que pueda boostearse y convertirse en una máquina de romper, y si está ante un counter que no puede romper le podrá pasar los boosts a otro que destruya en su lugar, tiene sus motivos para ser uber For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Best moveset for Speed Boost Blaziken/Mega Blaziken?

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  1. Psychic targets certain foes that Lugia cannot effectively stall out with Toxic. It harshly punishes Mega Gengar, having a chance to outright OHKO its regular forme if switched in when Stealth Rock is up. Psychic also has the benefits of 2HKOing Mega Lucario and Toxapex after some prior damage and heavily damaging Marshadow and Mega Blaziken
  2. Blaziken is Uber tier with or without his mega evolution, while Metagross is in rarely used (Smogon tiers). But of you're playing the game straight through not competitive they're both gonna be amazing Pokemo
  3. Blaziken @ Blazikenite Ability: Speed Boost Level: 50 EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature. Protect. Swords Dance. Flare Blitz. Superpower. This is the mon which im building a team around rn . Nothing really much to explain here, just the most standard mega blaziken set
  4. Blaziken @ Blazikenite. Ability: Speed Boost. EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe. Adamant Nature. Blaze Kick. High Jump Kick. Stone Edge. Hone Claws. Note that I don't play by smogon rules, so I won't only fight uber mons
  5. Moveset Guide on how to use Mega Blaziken! Feel free to leave some set suggestions down below! INFERNAPE THE KING Smogon Classic 3: DPP Cup Round 5 - aim vs. Groudon. - Duration: 30:14
  6. Speed Boost: Scolipede and Mega Blaziken can become faster than Deoxys-S due to the ability Speed Boost. In combination with Pin Missile, Scolipede becomes effective at anti-leading Deoxys-S, while Blaziken at +1 is faster than the standard spread
  7. No Wonder Why Smogon Banned It... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu

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#Smogon #Pokemonshowdown #Pokemon. Quase um Vídeo de ASMR com Mega Blaziken! Pokémon Showdown Live | Ultra Sun & Moon #82 [Ubers] LJDarkrai Mega Blaziken versus Gardevoir: While Gardevior cannot truly counter Mega Blaziken, Speed Boost is so good it meant Blaziken was banned by Smogon and Pokémon Online, and is still a huge threat in Ubers because nothing can outspeed it except priority Smogon ya ha baneado a Swagger de OU, Mi mega blaziken se lo almuerza con danza espada y impulso y una patada salto alta y patada ignea y si es necesario ponerle a mi blaziken su cinta focus Mega-Blaziken 6-0. Mega-Blaziken on fire. Riesgoso,pero fatal. Blaziken lo hace de nuevo (Todas las repeticiones son mías y los dejo usarlas siempre y cuando me avisen) Y eso fue todo espero que les haya servido y ¡Adiós Y eso de que hay que seguir las reglas de Nintendo, pues no sé, porque a mí la verdad es que me fastidia ver a Mega-Kangaskhan y Mega-Blaziken todo el tiempo. Son pokémon muy fuertes y.

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Blaziken es el Pokémon Llameante. Los Blaziken son de tipos y de color rojo.. En combate, Blaziken expulsa vivas llamas por las muñecas y ataca al enemigo con fiereza. Cuanto más fuerte sea el enemigo, más intensas serán las llamas. En las siguientes secciones tienes información en profundidad sobre Blaziken Blaziken Blaze/Speed Boost (hidden ability) 80 HP 120 Attack 70 Defense 110 Special Attack 70 Special Defense 80 Speed Mega Blaziken Speed Boost 80 HP 160 Attack 80 Defense 130 Special Attack 80 Special Defense 100 Speed If you follow any ruleset that bans the use of Blaziken and/or Mega Blaziken in regular matches (so not in stuff like smogon's Ubers tier), assume for this poll that both. I'm new to competitive pokemon and I would like to have some options with making a team around my favorite pokemon blaziken. I'm also going to list down below what other pokemon I would prefer to be on my team. Possible pokemon on the team with Blaziken: Garchomp, Grenenja, Umbreon/Espeon/Slyveon, Scizor, Manetri Blaziken is Gamefreak's poor balancing, while the blame here is on Smogon. There's no actual way to get a Mega Blastoise with Shell Smash in the games

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Diganme ustedes estan a favor o en contra de que bannen las mega evoluciones mas terribles - Pokemon XY; Pokémon X / Pokémon Y. Fecha de lanzamiento: 12 de octubre de 2013 · Plataforma. 3DS Fighting-types: Marshadow, Mega Lucario, Mega Blaziken, and Mega Mewtwo X easily OHKO Dialga with their super effective STAB moves. However, the former three are OHKOed by Draco Meteor or Fire Blast if they carelessly switch into Dialga For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Smogon will un ban Blaziken Blaziken è un Pokémon molto raro allo stato brado. È più semplice e consueto trovarlo come evoluzione del Pokémon iniziale di un allenatore. Quasi introvabile, è però possibile incontrarlo nella regione di Hoenn These are good Pokémon on their own, and they are all good sets, however, if your building a team around mega Blaziken the other Pokémon should really synergize with it. Your other Pokémon don't cover Blaziken's weaknesses or counters too well, and they don't really do much to help Blaziken really fly through the opposition

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It depends on which format you are playing in. Smogon doesn't have an item clause so you can give more than one Pokemon Life Orb, but it only still allows you to Mega Evolve once per battle. So Life Orb Blaziken has less of an opportunity than Mega Blaziken there Mega-Blaziken Impulso Speed Boost: Este set se basa en intercalar Danza Espada y Protección, junto con la habilidad Impulso, para conseguir que Blaziken sea un atacante físico muy poderoso y rápido que nos ayude a sweepear al equipo rival Blaziken smogon; Blaziken moveset; Blaziken pokemon go; Blaziken best moveset; Blaziken shiny; Blaziken community day; Blaziken max cp; Blaziken blast burn; Blaziken evolution; Blaziken serebii; Blaziken pokedoll; Blaziken nicknames; Blaziken stats; Blaziken moveset gen 3; Blazikenite; Blaziken mega; Blaziken pixelmon; Blaziken gx; Blaziken vs. Use Mega Blaziken and laugh at all of the people that follow the Smogon Metagame. And then get ohko'd by a swords dance'd Talonflame. Stone Edge dude. Remember it's 4x weak to Rock. No. Blaziken vs Taloflame Blaziken Switch for Heatran Heatran takes whatever Talonflame has Heatran uses Stone Edge Choice Scarf Blacephalon is used to revenge kill boosted threats, most notably +1 Adamant Dragon Dance Mega Salamence and Shell Smash Cloyster, as well as generally fast Pokemon such as Mega Gengar, Tapu Koko, Pheromosa, Choice Scarf Tapu Lele, Choice Scarf Landorus-T, Mega Lucario, and Serperior

I was top 5 on smogon in gen 5 and 6 at a point, I was number 1 on smogon OU at one point OU back in gen 7, top 5 in smogon this gen OU this gen. I am talking about coming in after blaziken gets a lo. You are making scenarios where blaziken has the best advantage. You are giving blaziken the sun and +2 against jellicent Solving Smogon #6 - Blaziken . Inizilla Cheeseburgers YT 12/25/15 . 18. 10. Unaware Clefable doesn't mind the matchup, even when dealing with Mega Blaziken. Variants which don't have Substitute will get a nice Thunder Wave in their face, and die slowly to Moonblast/Moonlight spam Moves. Swords Dance makes Tectonic Rage even more powerful against Pokemon like Mega Venusaur and Chansey.Earthquake lets Garchomp defeat Aegislash, non-Reversal Mega Blaziken, and Excadrill.With Tectonic Rage, Garchomp can also defeat defensive Mega Metagross as well as the faster variant without Ice Punch, Mega Mawile, Magearna, and Curse Mega Aggron In smogon's slower paced format with tons of attrition, set-up sweepers who get going ridiculously easily like Blaziken and things that you just don't switch into like Mega Lucario are a lot better

mega charizard x gains the ability tough claws and not drought which mega charizard y gains which makes solar beam useless. dragon type even gains a nerf this generation, with fairy types completely immune to charizard's STAB. so i think mega blaziken outshines this one Pokémon Rubí Omega / Zafiro Alfa en 3DJuegos: Pues eso, una manita con eso? Veng Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Blaziken in that game. Bold indicates a move that gets STAB when used by Blaziken; Italic indicates a move that gets STAB only when used by an evolution of Blaziken; Click on the generation numbers at the top to see Egg moves from other generation @NF5-Pues eso será desde esta gen, porque antes estaba baneado solo Blaziken con Impulso . En fin... Smogon logic. mmm no, siempre ha estado ban Blaziken (desde que entró en ban, claro). No es. In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Pokémon's wrists burn. Alpha Sapphire: Blaziken has incredibly strong legs-it can easily clear a 30-story building in one leap. This Pokémon's blazing punches leave its foes scorched and blackened

Blaziken (Japanese: バシャーモ Bashaamo ) is the Fire/Fighting -type Starter Pokémon of the Hoenn region, introduced in Generation III. From Generation VI onwards it can Mega Evolve. Blaziken is a large, bipedal, humanoid bird-like Pokémon that resembles a rooster. Its face, lower body, arms, and tail are bright red, with some yellow patches on its chest, and running down its legs and. Ban a Swagger/Contoneo en Smogon OU / Ban a Swagger/Contoneo en Smogon OU - Pokemon XY - Página 2; Pokémon X / Pokémon Y. Fecha de lanzamiento: 12 de octubre de 2013 · Plataforma. 3DS I have a comment, then a quick question regarding Blaziken. For as long as I can remember, Blaziken has been my favorite starter. I remember..

O Mega Blaziken também foi banido pela smogon por seu Attack novamente com a mesma ability boa que antes só o Ninjask tem hoje em dia tem vários Pókemons tem ela , não tem muita coisa para falar sobre ele por que ele e muito parecido do sem mega só que foi um Boost em em Attack e Sp. Atk que foram mais efetivos no boost ou outros stats não fazem tanta diferença Mega Blaziken - Admittedly, we already know everything about Blaziken's Mega Evolution: It gets Speed Boost and is considered totally OP by Smogon battlers. Mega Swampert - Reported ability: Swift Swim. Swampert always was the slow and bulky one of the group Voy a añadir que Mega Blaziken en dobles con apoyo adecuado puede ser muy potente pero en este caso sería puramente físico y por tanto seria sensible a intimidaciones. Por último, Blaziken en smogon es Uber (lo digo porque apenas lo has mencionado y es un detalle importante) RamonWSK Mensajes: 204 Fecha de inscripción: 27/05/201

Effect. Blaze Kick deals damage and has an increased critical hit ratio. It has a 10% chance of burning the target.. Blaze Kick can also be used as part of a Pokémon Contest combination, with the user gaining extra four appeal points if the move Sunny Day was used in the prior turn. It is also part of a Contest Spectacular combination and will gain extra three appeal points if the move Focus. Mega Stone: Blazikenite. X/Y: Held by a special event Torchic distributed from October 12th 2013 to January 15th 2014 via Mystery Gift. OR/AS: Route 120 (if Torchic chosen as Starter) or purchased from Stone Salesman on Route 114 (if Torchic not chosen as Starter). Mega-Evolves from Blaziken Mega Stone: Blazikenit Mega Blaziken actually has less power than its normal form. It does has about 10% greater defensive stats and much more speed. The added speed lets you invest in HP giving it even greater bulk. 96 Speed hits the important 260 Speed range which allows you to outrun the entire Pokemon world when you achieve two Speed boosts. 160 HP improves your ability to take hits by about 13% Well, it seems like you're trying to get Smogon set. While I usually use Smogon as Pokemon resources, Blaziken is one of the Pokemon that does not work well with the current Smogon set. High Jump Kick is better than Low Kick for Blaziken. Smogon only recommends Low Kick because in the Smogon meta, there are many heavy mons It ultimately can be traced back Blaziken & Mega Blaziken being banned. Blaziken and his Mega Evolution were deemed too powerful by the head honchos of Smogon (even though it's not that difficult to counter them in the existing metagame), so they were forbidden from being used

Review the Blaziken from 2020 images or Blaziken Smogon and also Blaziken Moveset. Go. Its powerful are legs to enough leap enough publications areMega. pic Go. Transparent Blaziken Png - Mega Blaziken Blaze Kick, Png pic. Go. #blaziken hashtag instagram on and photos videos. pic Mega Blaziken seems like it's turning into one of the most popular anti-meta Pokemon in the format. The sheer amount of offense Mega Blaziken teams possess can easily overwhelm a team that isn't prepared. However, with such a focus on offense, using Mega Blaziken means you can rarely play safe or defensive Between Mega Blaziken and Mega Lucario, vote for who you think will win. I will be doing another poll Tuesday for the next two combatants, so stay tune and bye. *Note: movesets came from Smogon and these pictures belong to their rightful owners. #RubyMegaTournaments ____ Most of the decisions they've made that I've taken up issue with have been in the form of bans, the likes of which in this generation have been Blaziken/Mega Blaziken, Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Lucario, Mega Gengar and lately, Aegislash But Mega Blaziken can use Swords Dance, and Mega Evolution does not waste the turn. So Mega Blaziken can use Swords Dance and about as powerful than Blaziken using Swords Dance. 48.03 - 56.69% vs 50.39 - 59.58% The first percentage is how much a Mega Blaziken would do with max Attack EVs, Adamant, and Return if it was a Normal type vs an Arceus

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Moves marked with an asterisk (*) must be chain bred onto Blaziken in Generation IV; Moves marked with a double dagger (‡) can only be bred from a Pokémon who learned the move in an earlier generation. Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Blaziken in that game Mega Punch: 80: 85: 20--Move Tutor - FRLG: The target is slugged by a punch thrown with muscle-packed power. Mega Kick: 120: 75: 5--Move Tutor - FRLG: The target is attacked by a kick launched with muscle-packed power. Body Slam: 85: 100: 15: 30: Move Tutor - FRLG: The user drops onto the target with its full body weight. This may also leave. 36 Atk Life Orb Blaziken Superpower vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Mega Kangaskhan: 213-252 (100.4 - 118.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO High Jump kick can also be used but the risk of missing is something that I'd rather avoid and hopefully everyone reading this will agree

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  1. Blaziken (バシャーモ) is the sixth Pokémon in the Hoenn Pokédex.It is a Fire/Fighting type, and is known as the Blaze Pokémon. Blaziken uses the Blaze Ability, which increases the power of its Fire-Type moves by 50% once its HP falls below one-third of its maximum. Blaziken's Hidden Ability is Speed Boost, which increases its Speed by one stage for each full turn that it is in battle
  2. Blaziken é um pokémon galinha gigante, humanóide, flamejante e lutadora. Mega Blaziken são cornos. O que diz um Blaziken . Cocoricóóóóóóóóo!! Blaziken . Um dos favoritos dos modinhas da terceira geração, tanto que ele foi banido pela Smogon
  3. Competitive movesets and strategies for Blaziken-mega in Pokemon X/

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I play by Smogon rules, Smogon in my opinion, does a great job at developing a balanced singles metagame and despite what some people on the internet may tell you, is not a dictatorship. Smogon is a community and when a Pokemon is suspect for being banned, you can actually share your thoughts on.. Both of the previous answers I've seen to this question seems to be interpreting it as How can Blaziken beat Swampert in battle?. Maybe the original questioner could clarify things, but it looks to me like the question being asked is more along. Blaziken has a amazing ability, speed boost. That makes Balziken faster in every turn. And it's become hard to revenge kill it. It also has a offensive typing, fire and fighting It has access to Sword dance, that can raise it's attack. Blaziken can also learn Baton Pass, that pass it's all star changes. Blaziken has 120 and 110 base Attack and.

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In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Pokémon's wrists burn. Blaziken has incredibly strong legs—it can easily clear a 30-story building in one leap. This Pokémon's blazing punches leave its foes scorched and blackened Which Disney Characters Would You Follow on Instagram? 5. Cookie Ja Moves marked with an asterisk (*) must be chain bred onto Blaziken in Generation VI; Moves marked with a double dagger (‡) can only be bred from a Pokémon who learned the move in an earlier generation. Moves marked with a superscript game abbreviation can only be bred onto Blaziken in that game


  1. I really liked the Mystery dungeons series, so I really like the Treeko line. I'm also a fan of the other gen 3 starter
  2. Re:Tiers SM de Smogon « Respuesta #160 en: 08 de Mayo de 2017, 09:16:22 pm » Chicos haced el favor de dejar de hacer flood, y ceñiros a la finalidad del tem
  3. Blaziken has incredibly strong legs—it can easily clear a 30-story building in one leap. This Pokémon's blazing punches leave its foes scorched and blackened. In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks foes courageously. The stronger the foe, the more intensely this Pokémon's wrists burn
  4. My money is on Blaziken. For this I'll just be discussing 1v1, it's too complicated in terms of tactics to discuss 1v1v1. There are, as far as I can see it, two versions of the battles: Standard and Megas. Standard In this situation, the more obvi..

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Autor Tema: Tiers ORAS de Smogon [Última actualización: 17/11/16 - Mega-Sableye se ban] (Leído 333638 veces) 0 Usuarios y 1 Visitante están viendo este tema. Char With Blazikenite, Blaziken can get more power and speed, and not have to be whittled down by Life Orb. Low Kick and Flare Blitz are Mega Blaziken's main attacks. With Flare Blitz's great base power and Low Kick's amazing potential in a tier full of heavy giants, they are very effective in helping Blaziken fulfill its role Ademas vemos que estos tres Megas que han sido Baneados han sido con propósito de hacer el juego mas fluido e interesante puesto que Mega-Kangaskhan es superior con su habilidad, como ya nuestros amigos lo habían mencionado, Mega Blaziken es seguro que debía de estar baneado ( estaba baneada su forma normal con habilidad oculta ¿ porque no banear si forma Mega también) y lo mismo ocurre. Adding Double Battle Random Movepools for Ditto, Porygon2, Blaziken, Blaziken Mega, and Dusclops. I tweaked some sets as well: Added Hammer Arm to Metagross Mega at the end of the array. Added Calm Mind to Latios Mega at the end of the array. Moved Protect up two spots in Deoxys Attack. Added Protect to Gothitelle at the end of the array. Added Blizzard to Greninja at the end of the array Blaziken : Deoxys-S : Groudon : Kyurem-W : Metagross-M : Necrozma-DW : Salamence-M : Zygarde : Blaziken-M Heracross-mega, Smogon con sus politicas de banear todo lo que no permita jugar curándose 24/7 con safeswtichs ha beneficiado mucho al stall la pasada gen,.

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Rate my New Ubers Team please :3 | Smogon ForumsTo be fair, I don't completely disagreeBattle Spot - Community Create-a-Team 1: BuluTran Offense
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